The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (2023)

Being a Pokemon trainer comes with many different tasks and challenges for a player to take on.

Building the best team possible should always be any trainer's goal. The better a player’s team, the better a trainer they will become and the more Pokemon they can catch. That is the goal, isn't it, to “catch ‘em all?”

So what would a stellar team be without the incredible powerhouse of a Pokemon: Torterra? In this guide, players will learn about one of the best possible teams to have with Torterra as their primary.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

The ideal team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (1)

Introduced in Generation IV, Luxray is an Electric-type Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Shinx, the Flash Pokemon.

Luxray has a pretty good base stat total of 523. It also has a base attack stat of 120, which is excellent for battle. While Luxray has no immunities, it is resistant to Flying, Steel, and Electric-type Pokemon and moves.

Luxray can hone great moves like Thunder Fang, Spark, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Luxray can be obtained by evolving Luxio. Players can get a Luxio from Fuego Ironworks or pick up a Shinx on Routes 202, 203, and 204 and then evolve, said Shinx.


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (2)

Introduced in Generation IV of the Pokemon franchise, Garchomp is a dual-type Dragon and Ground-type Psudeo-Legendary Pokemon. It is also known as the “Mach Pokemon.” Garchomp evolves from Gabite starting at level 48 and is also the final form of Gible.

Garchomp has an impeccable base stat total of 600. This Pokemon’s highest individual stat is its attack of 130, which comes in handy in heated battles. Not only does Garchomp have full immunity to Electric-type Pokemon and moves, but it also has a resistance to Poison, Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon and moves.

To obtain a Garchomp, players must evolve a Gible through all of its evolutions. Players can obtain a Gible in Wayward Cave at the secret area under Cycling Road.

(Video) Best Team for Diamond and Pearl | Torterra Edition


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (3)

An incredibly strong Fire-type Pokemon, Rapidash has been loved by fans since its introduction in Generation I. Rapidash is the final evolution of the Fire Horse Pokemon, Ponyta.

Rapidash has a base stat total of 500 with an incredible speed stat of 105. It has a weakness to Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon, so when trying to obtain one or beat one in battle, it is recommended to use one of those.

Meanwhile, if a player is trying to win a battle with a Rapidash, it has great resistance to Bug, Ice, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Fairy-type Pokemon and moves.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, one can obtain a Ponyta to evolve into a Rapidash on Routes 206, 210, 211, 214, and 215.


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (4)

Lucario is a dual-type Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon introduced to the franchise in Generation IV. This Pokemon is loved by many for its strength and stats.

Lucario has a great base stat of 525 with a Special Attack of 115. It also has an immunity to Poison-type Pokemon and moves. This immunity is then backed up by a resistance to Normal Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, and Dark-type Pokemon and moves.

Players can obtain a Lucario by leveling up a Riolu during the day with high friendship.


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (5)

The star of the show here is Torterra. Introduced in Generation IV, Torterra is a dual-type Grass and Ground-type Pokemon. No other Pokemon has the same type combination as this one.

Torterra evolves from Grotle starting at level 32. It is also the final form of the Sinnoh starter, Turtwig.

This Pokemon has an excellent base stat of 525 and immunity to Electric-type Pokemon and moves. It is also resistant to Ground and Rock-type Pokemon and Moves.

Torterra can hone great moves like Earthquake, Mega Drain, Solar Beam, and Stone Edge.


The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (6)

Introduced in Generation I, Gyarados is a timeless fan favorite. Gyarados is a dual-type Water and Flying-type Pokemon. It is also categorized as the “Atrocious Pokemon.”

(Video) Best Team for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl | Torterra Edition

Gyarados evolves from Magikarp starting at level 20. It has a base stat total of 540 along with an immunity to Ground-type Pokemon and moves. Gyarados is also resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, and Water-type Pokemon. This Pokemon can learn great moves like Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, and Crunch.

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What team is good with Torterra in Pearl? ›

Rapidash and Torterra work well with each other since they cover each other's weaknesses; namely Ice and Bug for Torterra and Water, Rock, and Ground for Rapidash. Another returning Pokemon is Staraptor. Catch an early Starly and you'll have a fantastic Pokemon in your team for the rest of the game.

What is the best team for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? ›

Recommended team combo for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  • Infernape in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Gyarados in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Luxray in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Gengar in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Staraptor in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Apr 7, 2022

Is Torterra good diamond and pearl? ›

Torterra can be a powerful Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, but these held items can make it even more of a beast in battle. Grass-types have a bit of a negative reputation in the Pokemon games: they tend to be fragile, and have more weaknesses than either of the other starter types.

What is the best Torterra team? ›

Best Pokemon Team for Torterra in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl
  1. Torterra. As the star of this team, Torterra is the first member. ...
  2. Houndoom. A dark/fire pokemon with high special attack and balanced stats all around, who wouldn't welcome this good boy on their team?
  3. Milotic. ...
  4. Gardevoir. ...
  5. Lucario. ...
  6. Electivire.

Who is the strongest starter in Pokemon Diamond? ›

1. Chimchar. Chimchar repeats as the strongest starter Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, holding onto its top spot from the original games.

What is Torterra hidden ability? ›

Torterra is a Grass/Ground type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4 .
Pokédex data.
National №0389
SpeciesContinent Pokémon
Height2.2 m (7′03″)
Weight310.0 kg (683.4 lbs)
Abilities1. Overgrow Shell Armor (hidden ability)
2 more rows

Should I choose Chimchar or Turtwig? ›

Turtwig's line is the more balanced defensive type, even with the powerful Earthquake, while Chimchar and its line are the more powerful offensively.

Is Torterra good in diamond? ›

Torterra works well against Ground, Rock, Dark, Dragon, and Electric types. With decent HP alongside strong Special Defense and Defense, Torterra is a certifiable tank. The 109 Attack is also incredibly potent, but that also means Torterra will have to rely on Physical Grass-type moves, which are harder to come by.

Is Turtwig better than Torterra? ›

While Turtwig cannot do much against the Dark-type Pokémon of Team Galactic, Torterra decimates the evil organization's many Poison and Flying type Pokémon with its Ground and Rock moves.

Is Torterra good competitively? ›

Torterra carves itself a niche in the tier by providing Stealth Rock support and acting as a solid check to top metagame threats like Zygarde-10%, Barbaracle, Tyrantrum, and Metagross thanks to its typing, reliable recovery, and solid bulk.

What is the best team for the Elite Four in Pokemon shining pearl? ›

Depending on which Pokémon are available in their version, players should consider using the following Pokémon to defeat the Elite Four and Cynthia in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Lucario. Garchomp. Togekiss, Honchkrow, or Staraptor.

Is Turtwig good in Pearl? ›

If you like turtles, then Turtwig is a very solid choice. He's got one of the most unique typings in the entire extended Pokédex and has solid HP, defense, and attack stats. When it comes to Diamond and Pearl specifically, his typing makes him a strong competitor across multiple of the early-game gyms.

What is the best team with Infernape? ›

Ideas for an Infernape-Led Team in BDSP?
  • Infernape - Fire/Fighting.
  • Mismagius - Ghost.
  • Luxray- Electric.
  • Garchomp - Dragon/Ground.
  • Gyarados - Water/Flying.
  • Gardevoir - Psychic/Fairy.
Nov 12, 2021


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