How to catch Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (2023)

Finding all forms of Unown is a huge part of catching em’ all in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Now that this long awaited Pokemon title has finally been released, gamers have seen how strongly the game emphasizes single player exploration. Instead of steamrolling the Elite Four with OP (overpowered) Pokemon, each player’s goal is to fill out the Pokedex, and they’re going to need all 28 forms of Unown to do so.

Unown has 28 forms across the Pokemon Legends: Arceus map

How to catch Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (1)

Unown A: Head to the Diamond Settlement in the Crimson Mirelands. Behind one of the tents will be Unown A (It’s at the very top, so it can be difficult to see).

Unown B: This Pokemon is in the Cobalt Coastlands. Specifically, trainers will want to head to the Volcano where Alpha Ninetails spawns. Unown B will be behind the Volcano at an elevated spot.

Unown C: Trainers will want to head to the west of the Celestica Ruins in the Coronet Highlands. This Unown form will be on top of one of the pillar formations.

Unown D: In the Crimson Mirelands, there is a campfire by the tents near the entrance of the area. Unown D can be found on one of the nearby stumps.

Unown E: This one is pretty well hidden. There is an area in Obsidian Fieldlands called Grueling Grove (Alpha Heracross spawns there). Behind that is a tree and Unown E is hidden in one of its branches.

Unown F: This Pokemon will require tons of climbing to find. Players should head to the Ancient Quarry where Alpha Goodra is and climb all the way to the top to find Unown F.

Unown G: This Unown is at the top of Obsidian Falls in Obsidian Fieldlands. It will be stuck under a rock formation.

(Video) Pokemon Legends Arceus - All UNOWN Locations Guide

Unown H: This is one of the easier ones to find. Unown H is hung up on the welcome banner in Jubilife City.

Unown I: This one is behind that Lake Verity Cave in Obsidian Fields.

Unown J: This one is hidden in a rock formation in the Ancient Quarry. Trainers can head through Sonorous Path and it will be in the middle-left of the room.

How to catch Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (2)

Unown K: This Unown is atop a stone tower in the Shrouded Ruins.

Unown L: Players should look for a breakable rock in Wayward Cave. This Unown can be found behind it.

Unown M: This is on a tree stump in Sludge Mound.

Unown N: This one is on top of huge spikes in the Sands Reach area.

Unown O: Trainers can head to Avalanche Slopes. This Unown will be behind a pillar where Alpha Froslass spawns.

Unown P: This is in Fabeled Spring in the flowers near the area where Basculin spawn.

Unown Q: Can be found in a tree by the entrance to Turnback Cave.

Unown R: This one is on the rocks behind the grave at Veilsone Cape.

Unown S: Trainers should look in the dam next to Alpha Bibarel for this Unown.

Unown T: Around Avalugg’s Legacy, this Unown will be atop one of the ice pillars.

Unown U: This is atop the statue that rests on top of the waterfall in Heart’s Crag.

Unown V: This can be found on top of a tree in Scarlet Bog (near the area where Hippowdon spawn).

(Video) All 28 Unown Locations, Alphas, & Shiny Hunting - Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to catch Unown in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (3)

Unown W: There is a huge Magikarp statue on top of the main building in Jubilife City. Unown W is on Magikarp’s eye. Trainers can best spot this from behind the building.

Unown X: Trainers can find this by booking it up the tree where they fought Noble Kleavor.

Unown Y: This Pokemon is by the Frozen Waterfall near Icebound Falls.

Unown Z: This one is on top of the ship in Cobalt Coastlands.

Unown !: This Unown rests atop a dead tree near the hot springs in Alabaster Icelands

Unown ?: Trainers can find this behind their quarters in Jubilife City.

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