Can Rotom Breed? - OR Live (2023)

Rotom is a genderless Pokémon that can only breed with Ditto. It is part of the Indeterminate breeding group, which means it doesn’t have a defined gender or reproductive organs.

Rotom was introduced in Generation VI and can be found in many areas throughout the world, including Sinnoh and Johto regions. Unlike most other Pokémon, Rotom does not have a specific type nor are its stats particularly strong or weak compared to others of its species.

Because it cannot breed with any other Pokémon, players must either find Ditto or use an event distribution to get one into their party

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Can Rotom Breed?

Rotom is a genderless Pokémon that can only breed with Ditto. It is part of the Indeterminate breeding group, which means its reproductive abilities are still unknown.

While Rotom does not have any specific gender, it prefers to mate with either a Ditto or another Rotom type Pokémon in order to create offspring. Because it cannot reproduce on its own,Rotom is occasionally used as an experimental subject by scientists studying reproduction and genetics in Pokemon GO.

So far, there are only a few known locations where you can find Rotom – so be sure to check out Pokestops near you.

Rotom is a Genderless Pokémon

Rotom can breed, but it is genderless and doesn’t have any physical characteristics that distinguish the male or female form. In the games, Rotom typically changes its form when it evolves to solve puzzles or battle opponents in unique ways.

There are several forms of Rotom available as toys, including a model that lights up and an animated figure with sounds and motion capabilities Unlike other Pokémon creatures where one sex predominates over the other, there is no obvious difference between males and females of Rotom species As long as you provide sufficient care for your Rotom toy while it’s alive – by supplying enough light and playing sound effects that appeal to them – they will usually continue to function normally even after being exchanged between different players

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It can only breed with Ditto

Rotom can only breed with Ditto, so if you want to get one you’ll need to trade or battle with someone else. If you’re lucky enough to have a Rotom in your game, be sure to raise it well and train it until it’s the strongest Pokémon possible.

You might be able to find Rotoms in some stores as rare egg items, but they’re usually more expensive than regular Pokémon eggs. Be prepared for tough battles when trying to catch a Rotom—they can hold their own against even the most powerful opponents.

Keep an eye out for events that could give away extra copies of Ditto – sometimes there are special prizes involved.

It is part of the Indeterminate breeding group

Rotom is a type of Pokémon that can breed and produce offspring, which means it’s part of the Indeterminate breeding group. This category includes Pokémon that are capable of producing offspring without any specific mating rituals or conditions.

Some Rotom may be able to breed with other members of their species, while others may not be able to do so at all. Depending on the circumstances, these offspring could either inherit some traits from both parents or none at all. Keep an eye out for new Rotom sightings in your game as they might become more common in future updates

Can you breed Rotom together?

There are many Rotom in the world and some people believe you can breed them together to create even more powerful versions. While this is not officially confirmed, it’s possible if you have two Rotoms of the same type and enough love.
1. Yes, it is possible to breed Rotom together. It is important to note that there is no guarantee that all hatchlings will be successful in breeding, but it can be done with a little bit of patience and effort.
2. The eggs for Rotom can come from both male and female Rotoms. However, you are more likely to get eggs if you have a male and femaleRotom fighting each other (or at least near each other). This will cause them to release their reproductive fluids which then become egg-like substances.
3. Once the eggs have been collected, they must be incubated in order to hatch into miniature versions of themselves called Hatchlings . Hatchlings will inherit 50% of the genes from each parent – this means that one Hatchling may look very different from another depending on its parents’ genetic makeup。
4. There is no set timetable as to when or how often Rotom Eggs should be incubated in order to produce viable offspring – it depends on various factors including humidity levels and temperature fluctuations。 、 、5。 Some people believe that having multiple copies of certain genes increases the chance of success when breeding two compatible creatures such as Rotoms

Can Ditto breed Rotom?

There is no sure answer to this question, as it depends on the individual Rotom. However, some experts believe that Ditto can potentially breed with other Rotoms in a similar way to how Vaporeon and Jolteon mix together. This could create more Rotoms with altered electrical capabilities or even mutations.
1. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon except the ones in the Undiscovered egg group. When two different Pokemon are combined, there is a chance that one of them will be a Ditto. This happens through the process of recombination or reassortment – putting two different types of DNA together to form a new type of Pokemon.
2. Recombination results in an increase in complexity and variation within populations and has been shown to boost evolutionary rates by up to 100%. It’s also responsible for some pretty cool biological phenomena like genetic mutations and evolution by natural selection .
3. While it may seem random at first, recombining DNA actually follows specific rules which allow for predictable outcomes when you combine different pokemon together .
4. There are six possible combinations that result from recombining DNA between 2 Pokémon: male/female, same species, opposite species, duplicate type (two copies of the same kind), unique type (a completely new kind) and undiscovered egg groups (which includes everything else).
5. If you’re looking to create your own special combination then you’ll need to have both Pokemon available so that they can be recombined – this means either keeping them as separate creatures or finding someone who has both already combined.

Can you breed Rotom in Pokemon sword?

Yes, you can breed Rotom in Pokemon sword. However, genderless Pokemon like Rotom cannot be bred with other Pokémon and there are no opposite genders for them to mate with.

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To catch a Ditto and breed it with another Pokémon, you’ll need to know how to do so. If you’re looking for an easier way to get Rotom or any other rare Pokémon, try playing the online game instead.

How do you breed a perfect Rotom?

To breed a perfect Rotom, you need to use Ever Stone. It’s important to have a high level of IVs and EVs in your Rotom so that it can evolve into the best possible version.

You also need to provide it with the right environment and training so that it can reach its potential as an electric Pokémon trainer. Keep trying until you get the ideal Rotom for your team.

Is Rotom still a legendary?

Rotom is still a legendary Pokémon, but its status as such is based on popularity rather than historical merit. It was created in 1996 and has never won a grand championship.

Its legend may be fading, but Rotom remains one of the most popular Pokémon around.

What is the strongest Rotom form?

The strongest Rotom form is a level 50. It has excellent resistance to ground type moves, excellent resistance to rock and water, and four times the weakness to ground type moves as the weakest Rotom form.

However, there are other Rotom forms that are also very strong. Level 40 is twice as strong as level 50, for example, and levels 30 through 39 each have a threefold weakness to ground type moves compared to level 50.

So don’t be discouraged if your Rotom isn’t at the top of its class right now; it will gradually become stronger over time as you battle more Pokémon in battles or take on tougher challenges in Gyms. Finally, keep in mind that even though some Pokémon are weak against one kind of move or another, they still pose a threat when teamed up with others because they can all work together harmoniously toward a common goal (like defeating an opponent).

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What happens if you breed 2 dittos?

If you breed two dittos, the offspring will be a mix of both parents’ genes. Ditto cannot breed with other members of the Ditto Egg Group, which includes all other Pokemon except for Eevee and Flareon.

You can only acquire dittos through catching them in the wild, trading with another player, or through claiming one in a special event. Breeding two dittos has no effect on their stats or abilities; they are just different variants of the same creature.

To Recap

Rotom can breed, but it is important to be careful about where you place them in your garden as they can spread germs rapidly. Rotom are also difficult to kill, so if you’re not sure how to handle them then it’s best to leave them alone.

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Is it possible to breed Rotom? ›

The short answer is Yes!

Can Rotom breed with Ditto? ›

1 Answer. Yes, you can. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon besides the ones in the Undiscovered egg group.

Can Rotom breed violet? ›

Can't Breed? Pokemon with no gender, like Rotom and Magnemite, or are only male, like Tauros and Braviary, can only breed with Ditto. Paradox Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon can't breed at all!

Can Rotom breed with Shellos? ›

However, the daycare man says that the Rotom and Shellos "prefer to play with other pokemon" (AKA they won't breed). Rotom will breed with Ditto though.

What Pokémon Cannot be bred? ›

Every Pokemon That Cannot Breed
  • 9 Unown. Unown is a Psychic-type Pokemon that originally appeared in the Ruins of Alph in the Johto Region. ...
  • 8 Legendary Pokemon. ...
  • 7 Most Mythical Pokemon. ...
  • 6 Ultra Beasts. ...
  • 5 The Galarian Fossil Pokemon. ...
  • 4 Ditto With Another Ditto. ...
  • 3 Special Pikachu Forms. ...
  • 2 Battle Bond Greninja.
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How many Rotom can you get? ›

Including the base form, there are six forms of Rotom available in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, each one with its own unique secondary type.

Which Rotom form is best? ›

Rotom-Heat is the best of the best between all of the Rotom Appliance Forms. While it has four times weakness to Ground Type moves and a neutral weakness to Rock and Water, it comes with a plethora of relevant resistances.

What Pokémon can only be bred with Ditto? ›

Genderless Pokemon, like Rotom and Golurk, can only breed with Ditto. Same for Pokemon that can only be one gender and have no opposite gender counterparts, like Hitmonchan and Sawk. Ditto cannot be bred at all - they must be caught.

Is Rotom considered a legendary? ›


Can roaring moon be bred? ›

Roaring Moon looks like Salamance, perhaps it is the Ancient version of the Pokémon that we know since it comes from Pokémon Scarlet which has Ancient Pokémon. It is both dragon and dark type which has no gender and does not produce eggs when bred.

What egg type is Rotom? ›


How do you breed Koraidon? ›

Can You Breed Koraidon? No. Koraidon is a Paradox Pokemon, meaning it's genderless and therefore unable to breed.

Can you breed Rotom in sword and shield? ›

Genderless Pokemon, like Rotom and Golurk, can only breed with Ditto. Same for Pokemon that can only be one gender and have no opposite gender counterparts, like Hitmonchan and Sawk. Ditto cannot be bred at all - they must be caught.

How do you get Rotom to spawn? ›

Rotom is most often found bouncing around near the lighthouses at Porto Marinada and Levincia in the West Province (Area 2) and the East Province (Area 2) locations of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Check locations close to human settlements if you're stuck. Rotom likes to hang out near towns and cities.

How do you get a different form of Rotom? ›

With Rotom in the party, players can change its form by doing the following:
  1. Open the menu and go into Bag.
  2. Go to Key Items (far right icon) and select the Rotom Catalog.
  3. Choose any of the appliances when prompted.
  4. To change Rotom back, repeat steps 1-3, but choose Light Bulb instead.
Jan 8, 2023


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