ash x Serena: A champion at last - chapter 6:three years later.the return of Ash's father. (2023)

ash x Serena: A champion at last

Table of contents

  • chapter 1:ash vs Alain. the final battle
  • chapter 2: a battle between Charizard and an announcement that shakes the world
  • chapter 3: wedding bells and a visit from a legendary Pokemon
  • chapter 4: The honeymoon and a"little bundle of joy" surprise for The newlyweds
  • chapter 5:ash and Serena's big announcement
  • chapter 6:three years later.the return of Ash's father.
  • chapter 7: Samuel and Serenity's first day of school
  • chapter 8: a shocking secret and dark forces at work
  • chapter 9: The return of Kyogre Groudon and Rayquaza
  • chapter 10: the final battle to end all battles
  • authors note
  • chapter 11: The war begins

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    ash x Serena: A champion at last - chapter 6:three years later.the return of Ash's father. (1)


    ash x Serena: A champion at last


    what if Ash didn't lose to Alain in The finals of The Kalos league???. what if he had a reason to keep fighting and brought back an old friend from his past with a mega evolution stone??? and how would things turn out different for our heroes of the...

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    (Video) Ash’s Dad Was Finally Revealed!?

    ash x Serena: A champion at last - chapter 6:three years later.the return of Ash's father. (2)

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    by AaronHansell

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    Ash Serena and their children Samuel and serenity Ketchum were enjoying a happy evening together with Ash's mother and All their friends. No Pokemon battles. No evil organization trying to steal Pokemon for world domination just a peaceful and happy time since it was The children's birthday and everything was going perfectly until a man who looks like Ash in his twenties at least 23 years old walked up to the party. He wore a red vest and matching jeans and sneakers will a red and white hat that had a green pin on it. He also had red eyes and brown hair instead of black like Ash This Man was Ash's father. Red Ketchum. He then walked up to Ash and said." Hey Ash. WOW your all grown up now. The last time I saw you was before I left for my journey to the Johto region and then you were only two years old." And Ash said as he slowly reached for charizard's pokeball." Who are you and why are you here???. Your interrupting my children's birthday!!!. TALK. NOW." And red said." I guess you weren't told about me by your mother. Hello Delia. How have you been doing???. And why haven't you told OUR SON about me???. Since I was the one who left you that Pikachu for you with professor oak." And Delia said." Well there wasn't much to tell him. Other than that you walked out on us when he was only two years old. Your not welcome here red. LEAVE!!!." And Ash asked." So your my father???." And red said." Yes I am Ash. And your family is beautiful. May I please see my grandchildren???." And Ash said." If you want to see them you have to go through me!!!. I have a Bone to pick with you!!!. 23 years your gone and now you decided to come back to be a real father!!??. No way!!!. Charizard I choose you!!!." Charizard Then appeared flexing his muscles Ash then climbed up on charizard's back and said."lets take this battle somewhere safer like in The sky!!!" Serenity Then asked." Mommy. Why are daddy and Grandpa fighting each other???." And Delia said." Ash had gone all these years satisfied that he'd never seen or meet his father. So for Ash this is quite personal. Just watch serenity. Your about to see a side of your father and his Charizard that he's not shown in years. He swore he'd do whatever it takes to be a part of your life unlike his father." Ash and Charizard Then took off into the sky and said." Get up here and fight me!!!. If you really are my father then prove it with a battle!!!." Red Then said." Very well. If it's the only way to convince you. Then I guess I have no choice. Charizard come out!!!." And Delia said." OH NO!!!. We have to get away from here!!!. I've seen this type of battle before!!!." And Samuel asked." What do you mean grandma???." And Delia said." When your father won the Pokemon league in the Kalos region he swore that after The two of you were born he would have put All of his attention towards you and your mother. His Charizard is The strongest Pokemon he's ever obtained in his years as a trainer the Bond They share isn't broken so easily. Even worse. If your father uses Draco meteor we're all in danger." And Serena said." No. I'm positive that he's not going to use it. He wants to beat his father not harm him." Up in the sky Ash was talking with his father and said." I'll make you a deal. If you win you can stay for The rest of The party and spend time with your grandchildren. But If you lose you move back in with mom and never come near me and my family ever again. Do we have a deal???." And red said." I accept your terms. Now show me what you got." Ash and Charizard then flew up higher and higher.and higher until they were above The sun. Ash then said." Charizard!!!. Let's use our combo move burning comet. Use quick attack full speed and combine it with flame wheel full power!!!." Serena and her children asked." What's that move called!!??." And professor oak said." That's Ash's newest combo move. He calls it burning comet. By combining flame wheel with quick attack Charizard and Ash move so fast even May and her blazican couldn't keep up with Them. This match Will be over soon." Up in the air Ash and his Charizard were bomb diving red and his Charizard Who knew that at speeds like that would kill a person decided to try and avoid it Ash and his Charizard had their wings tucked in and just as red avoided The attack Ash's Charizard spread out it's wings and rushed upwards and not paying attention red and his Chaxrizard were grabbed by Ash and his Charizard and Ash said." Charizard!!!. Use seismic toss full strength!!!." Still covered in flame wheel and quick attack red couldn't believe he was caught off guard and The next thing red knew he and his Charizard were decending from 40.000 feet in the air and then suddenly huge crater was in the middle of The field were The party was evacuated from and when the dust cleared there was red and his Charizard unable to move and Delia asked." Are you okay red???." And red then said." Yeah. I'm fine. But for arceus sake. That really hurt. Poor charizard's unable to battle after that last attack." Serena Then said." And now you see why I fell in love with your father???. He's very powerful and isn't the kind of person who you should underestimate." And Samuel asked." Do you think we could become as strong as Dad and challenge him to a battle one day???." And professor oak said." Of course you will. And when that happens we'll be there to see it." Ash and his Charizard Then landed and Ash said." Your not giving up now are you???. A shame really. I expected more from my father." And red said." I'm just getting started. Go venasaur!!!." Ash then returned Charizard to it's pokeball and said." A grass and poison type. Well I wasn't sure if I should use Them but... I guess I have no choice. Moltres I choose you!!!." Red's eyes widened and said." You have a Moltres!!??. How!!??. When!!??." And Ash said." Wouldn't you like to know. Moltres use flame thrower full power!!!." The heat from The flames was so hot that it torched everything around it. Red's venasaur fainted and Ash said." That's two. By my count you only have four Pokemon left. Give up." And red said." Not until I have made up for my mistake. For me defeat isn't an option!!!." Serena couldn't believe what she's just heard!!!. Ash said that very same thing when he battled Alain!!!. She then said." Ash that's enough. I think you've made your point!!!." Ash then looked at Serena and his children and said." Call The match professor. It's pointless to continue." Professor oak then said." This battle is over!!!.Ash Ketchum is the winner!!!." And red said." I'm glad I got to see you Samuel and serenity. You should be proud of your father I know I am." Ash just looked over his shoulder and said." You remember our deal. You move back in with my mom. And never come back here unless I allow you to do so." And red said." At least I got to battle our son Delia. You did a fine job raising him. Let's head home." Everyone went home and The party ended. Once Ash Serena and their children got in the house Ash's son Samuel said" that was incredible Dad!!!. Do you think you could teach me to become strong like you???." And Ash said." Of course I can. And your sister will also be training with us too" and Samuel and serenity said." Alright!!!. We can't wait to get our first Pokemon!!!. We'll get really strong and make you proud mom and dad!!!." And Ash just picked up his two children Who he would fight and die for and said." Now come on you two time for bed. You start the Pokemon trainers school tomorrow at professor oak's Pokemon Lab. And you need all the sleep you can get."

    Meanwhile with Delia and red.
    Delia was nursing red's injuries from The battle with his son and Delia said." Well I hope your satisfied with yourself!!!. You should be lucky our son was holding back his true skills or you would be dead by now!!!." And red asked." What do you mean he was holding back his true skills???. That battle seems like he didn't hold anything back." Delia then said." I'm going to play The video tape I made when Ash fought against a trainer named Alain in the Kalos league and what your about to see will astound you." Red then watched as Pokemon after Pokemon fell on both sides and when it got to The part where Ash used Mega evolution and Draco meteor his eyes went wide and he began to feel a slight sense of fear run down his spine and said." Perhaps if I had been there or at least visited him throughout his childhood he wouldn't have become such a serious battler. I'm the only one who is at fault here. No one else." And Delia said." You know. Ash's children are quite popular around The village. Mostly because of the fact that their father is a Pokemon league champion and their mother a top Pokemon world contest champion also. And their going to be attending the Pokemon school at professor oak's lab tomorrow morning." And red said." But we made a deal that if I lost I won't be able to spend time with our grandchildren unless he allows me to!!!!." And Delia said." Could you blame him???. I had to raise him myself because of you walking out on us and now you want to try and be a good father to him!!??. I'm disappointed in you. I thought you were better than this." And red said." I guess it's what I deserve isn't it???. I wasn't around to help raise him so he doesn't trust me at all. It's okay Delia I've come to terms with that fact. But what I'm about to tell you next will shock you. Do you remember Giovanni The Head of team rocket???." And Delia said." Of course I do what about him." And red said." He's my father Wich makes him Ash's grandfather and his children's great grandfather. You can't tell this to Ash at all. Please Delia I'm begging you to not tell him!!!" And Delia said." Fine. But your going to have to tell him this yourself." And red said." Fair enough." And with all of the family matters resolved a new beginning between Ash and his father would eventually be established.

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